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Sorry to say, but I'm closing this community down.

I've given you all this really good idea, this really fantastic writing tool, and no one ever uses it. I read things and I search for the quotes that I post in this community and I love this community a lot because I've had it about as long as I've had my own journal.

I remember when it used to be active and I think what happened is that I started it off just as a Harry Potter community and I know very well how little HP people like to play with others. When I opened it to other people and lower ratings, when I allowed for people to write what they wanted instead of restricting them to Harry Potter porn, people stopped posting. I find this very disappointing. I'm disappointed in the HP people who decided their porn was now too good for the_dark_garden and its mixed fans, and I'm disappointed in the people who asked me to lower the rating requirements and those who wanted to write other things for being given that chance and NOT DOING ANYTHING WITH IT. I remember actually doing a post, rather like this one, about a year ago where I defended the rights of writers other than Potter fans to write what they wanted. I feel like a goddamn idiot for even bothering with the lot of you now.

So yeah, I am pissed off because I work to keep this community interesting and take pains that it is not repetitive like so many other quote and prompt communities. I have banned people to keep this place wank-free, I have defended members, both as a whole and individually, and I can not stand that I did all of this for people who have decided that my community is a great place to lurk, but not participate. And you know, I know it's not because it's a bad idea. It's a damn good idea, and I know this because I've seen others resembling it that are successful. I don't think I'm a bad moderator, I'm mostly just a very hands-off kind of moderator. I don't mess with what you do (or would do) here other than to keep the peace and post the prompts.

I feel very much like I have wasted my time because I look back at this community and what's been posted and there has been NOTHING but my quotes posted in about a year. Not a damn thing. And I know people are reading them because I have well over one hundred members and watchers. So, I can only think that you're all reading the community for the quotes with no intention of doing anything with them. Fine, but there are other communities and websites for that kind of thing. I am not your quote of the day provider, I'm a writer trying to give a tool that I use a lot to other writers and it fucking sucks that here it is and you won't use it.

I will not be deleting anything or locking anything. What is here will remain here. However, posting access is going to be taken away from everyone and membership will be restricted from here on out. You don't use either one of those things anyway, so I hardly think you will even notice.

So long and have a good night.




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